LGD #8 Especial versiones

Octavo programa de La Gramola Digital, donde hacemos un repaso a las mejores versiones de la historia de la música.

Lista de Canciones:
Neil Young – Rocking in the free world
Pearl Jam – Rocking in the free world
The Beatles – With a little help from my friends
Joe Cocker – With a little help from my friends
David Bowie – Heroes
Oasis – Heroes
NIN – Hurt
Johnny Cash – Hurt
Prince – Nothing compares
Sidney O’connor – Nothing compares
The Leaves – Hey Joe!
Jimmy Hendrix – Hey Joe!
Elvis Presley – Always on my mind
Pet Shop Boys – Always on my mind
Bob Marley – I shot the sheriff
Eric Clapton – I shot the sheriff
Taylor Swift – Style
Ryan Adams – Style
The Kinks – You really got me
Van Halen – You really got me
Bob Dylan – Like a rolling stone
Rolling Stones – Like a rolling stone
Bob Seger – Turn the page
Metallica – Turn the page